A Letter To Love

Dear Love,

I am responding to you in my attempted request to find you the best answer to the forever unanswered question, What is Love? I’ve asked it a thousand times and gotten a thousand different answers. As I have gotten older and wiser, it is my duty to answer it this time with much more conviction. I’ll answer this question again in about 45 years. Everyone in my surviving circle will have heard or felt my true “love” before my last breath.

The definition of love is so difficult to dissect because love is a boundless abstract. It is something not physically seen, felt, or heard, but has a profound effect on the human psyche, our soul, and our general well-being and can alter the trajectory of our personal and professional universe. In the end, there are no equation(s) that can very accurately give us the net effects of love. However, I can give you the net effects of love it has on me in the following 2 examples (of course there is a lot more):

I remember there was an instance when I had locked myself out of my house and had no way back in. The only thing I had on me was my cell phone, nothing else. I called this friend, whom I am still very close with today, to let him know that I would be late for our meeting and that I had locked myself out and needed to go to my car to see if I had a spare key. I hung up the phone. I went to my car to search for a spare house key and came up empty. I did find a flathead screwdriver and went back to the house to give it a try to pry open the door. What I did find was a locksmith at my door and he somehow already had the door open. This was all in about a 10–15-minute time frame. I don’t know if he knows but my perception of this friend changed forever after this moment. It was like he had miracle ear and could hear my heartbeat. For him to call a locksmith to my house all paid for and everything in a delicate situation was an appreciation at the highest level. I will always be forever grateful for him. Even though we were a few hundred miles apart, we were still connected.

My girlfriend and I have our moments just like any other relationship. We don’t get too tangled in what Love forces us to do. What we do for each other is pure and in the realm of keeping each other happy and focused on the goals we set for ourselves. What we do for each other is 100 percent natural and selfless. In a relationship sense, I believe “the love” should go above and beyond the physical. Once you reach this level, then the physical will be accentuated to a euphoric level. Next to seeing my Mom smile, this is the best feeling in the World. The one thing I love about my girlfriend is that she makes endless sacrifices. When someone makes any type of sacrifice you want to return it twofold. This bounce back and forth of unequivocal sacrifices keeps the Love strong. When she brings me spaghetti to my workplace and I only bring her back a Snickers bar, there is still not an ounce of disappointment coming from her. When my day is unquestionably stressful? Pencil me in for a 30 minute massage from her, no questions asked. That is real Love. I just hope to keep her laughing and smiling. Its real love when affection is quilted together rather than on automation.

Always keep giving and loving. Although love is not always reciprocated right away, I always believe in the universe will eventually ensure love will always be returned to you one way or another. Trust me, you will always feel better if you are giving rather than receiving. So, what is love exactly? I don't know and I still can’t exactly define it but check back with me on January 29, 2069 and I promise to give you an answer.

To all the people that had anything to do with this brand, THE love is unconditional.



  • Girlfriend

    I hope to ask you this question years from now. God willing. Thank you for being so gracious with me. You are multitalented and keep writing your different visions as you see them come. Can’t wait for more to come. 🥰

  • Liem

    By the grace of GOD, I hope to be there on January 29, 2069, along with our surviving circle,for your answer about LOVE!

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