I’ve known Manila Phramany and her husband, Ty Phramany, for almost two decades now. They are dear friends to me, but our relationship is lopsided. They’ve done way more for me than I have ever done for them. In the future I plan on evening the scale. If I were homeless today, they would open their doors for me with no questions asked. Even though we do not communicate or hang out as often, our spirits are always rooting for each other. In December 2023 her Mom passed away and Dad was sent to the heavens in 2015. To navigate this life with no parents is something we don’t ever think about but is something the majority of us will...

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The Curious Case of Phineas P. Gage

As a kid I was always fascinated with how the brain fully functioned and the role it plays in keeping our body in order. In 2018, scientist Helen Thompson traveled around the world in search of people with extraordinary brains. She encountered "Bob" who can vividly recount what happened over 40 years like it was yesterday. There was also "Sharon" who somehow loses navigational abilities and would occasionally get lost in her own home. I could go on and on, but there is a story that I would never forget during my behavioral sciences studies at University of Nevada at Las Vegas. This is the story of Phineas P. Gage (1823-1860). The content may be graphic to some. Phineas P....

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A Letter To Love

Dear Love, I am responding to you in my attempted request to find you the best answer to the forever unanswered question, What is Love? I’ve asked it a thousand times and gotten a thousand different answers. As I have gotten older and wiser, it is my duty to answer it this time with much more conviction. I’ll answer this question again in about 45 years. Everyone in my surviving circle will have heard or felt my true “love” before my last breath. The definition of love is so difficult to dissect because love is a boundless abstract. It is something not physically seen, felt, or heard, but has a profound effect on the human psyche, our soul, and our...

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