I’ve known Manila Phramany and her husband, Ty Phramany, for almost two decades now. They are dear friends to me, but our relationship is lopsided. They’ve done way more for me than I have ever done for them. In the future I plan on evening the scale. If I were homeless today, they would open their doors for me with no questions asked. Even though we do not communicate or hang out as often, our spirits are always rooting for each other. In December 2023 her Mom passed away and Dad was sent to the heavens in 2015. To navigate this life with no parents is something we don’t ever think about but is something the majority of us will eventually be confronted with. Without further ado, here is Manila Phramany on her thoughts on life without her parents (in her own words).

There was a period in life I called "the golden era." Not in hindsight but at the actual time. Everyone I loved was alive and well. Little did I know, this "golden era" would end too soon. That instantly spelled the end of the golden era and the beginning of a rather painful period. Watching someone who was strong become weak. Losing both parents can feel like losing part of yourself. If they've always been there, helping and supporting you, it's hard to imagine coping without them. When a parent dies, guilt can become a burden because of past arguments you now regret or maybe because you think you didn't do enough to help them. I'm learning to forgive myself. Grief can take its toll in many ways. Loss of sleep, reduced appetite, and damaged immune system. I'm learning to look after myself now. As we get older, our opinions and outlook on life can change. This change is not for the better or worse, it's simply a change. Value and enjoy every waking moment, and embrace the new you. A time will come when I smile or laugh to myself just as I did at the time when my parents were both here. Life is there to be cherished. 
It's what my parents would have wanted is to see me laugh, smile, and be happy.
Love Always,

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